Nano Homes

Unity developed the Nano design platform in response to the many requests we’ve received for smaller homes and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). The Nano embodies Unity’s intelligent design, high performance and efficient production in a compact package.

We offer a wide variety of designs for the Nano, ranging in size from single story, one bedroom plans in the 500 square foot range, to two story, two bedroom plans around 1000 square feet. Nanos are available with shed roofs, gable roofs and dormers, and the interior ceilings can be a generous 8’-9” high or vaulted to the roof for even greater spaciousness.

Unity’s unique Nano design has been put to a wide variety of uses, including ADUs (accessory dwelling units), workforce housing, studios, guest houses and downsized retirement homes.


Unity’s “Cottage/ADU”

One or two stories

1 to 2 Bedrooms

1 to 2 Bathrooms

586 – 1036 square feet

More Options and Specifications.

Starting Costs

Nano shell packages start at $150,000. Finished house costs for the Nano start at roughly $272,000. This estimate should be considered a preliminary guide for the shell or finished home cost that includes a slab foundation and standard finishes, prior to shipping and taxes.

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Example Plans