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EVENTS UPDATE: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person gatherings were a cornerstone of Unity’s marketing efforts. Prospective clients have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face, tour our production facility and experience first-hand the quality of our completed homes. During the pandemic we developed on-line alternatives that provide much of the same information as our in-person events. Unity’s YouTube channel has videos of many webinars and project tours. We’re now beginning to plan future in-person events, with appropriate safety protocols.

May I talk with a homeowner or visit a house?” – read about various options for getting an inside view of Unity Homes.


We are planning to resume in -person events in the new year.

Some of our recent webinars:

From V-Fab to Pre-Fab, webinar, June 23, 2021
This webinar takes a close look at the key processes that distinguish Unity’s design-build system from conventional construction.

The digital 3D model that we create of each home serves several purposes, including providing instructions to the computer-controlled machines in our factory. The translation from virtual to actual involves a key step that we call “virtual fabrication.” In this webinar we explain how we generate the 3D model, and how this model guides the subsequent processes of prefabrication and on-site assembly. The webinar includes a video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Unity’s unique design-build process

Unity Homes’ Preconstruction Services Agreement webinar, April 21, 2021,
includes presentations by Andrew Dey, Bill Holtz, Dick Struthers, Alison Keay, Mark Hertzler, and Rachel Bigelow.

Unity’s Streamlined Design Path webinar, October 27, 2021
presented by Andrew Dey, Dick Struthers and Alison Keay.