Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the key to many of the benefits that Unity Homes provide to their occupants. These benefits include:

  • Predictably low operating costs
  • Comfortable, even temperatures
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Net Zero Energy operation with the addition of solar panels

How do we make our homes so energy efficient?

InLine Blower Door
  • We position our homes to take advantage of the sun’s warmth
  • We minimize complexity in our designs, and create efficient, open floor plans
  • The walls, roofs and floors of our homes are very well insulated
  • We build air-tight to minimize drafts and heat loss, and we ventilate to ensure health
  • Our triple-glazed windows are warm and tight, and designed for energy efficiency
  • The heating and cooling systems in our homes are engineered for optimal performance
  • We specify super-efficient LED lighting, and water-saving plumbing fixtures

Building an energy efficient, high performance home is not easy. It requires extensive knowledge about building science, thoughtful design, specialty materials, careful construction and strong attention to detail. Unity’s uniquely streamlined digital process and off-site construction methods embody all of these elements, ensuring that our clients receive the efficient, comfortable and healthy homes they expect—homes that will serve their owners, future occupants and the planet for generations. (Going Electric)