Builders and Developers

In addition to working directly with homeowners, Unity has established successful working relationships with builders and single-family residential developers. Many of the qualities that make Unity a good fit for our consumer clients are also valuable benefits for builders; where predictability, speed, and energy performance are built into every project. We strive to strike the perfect balance between pre-determined, ready-to-build designs and flexibility, resulting in both a custom feel for clients and an efficient process for builders. Whether you’re looking to partner with us as the general contractor, for single projects, or are planning a development of homes, partnering with Unity ensures a streamlined build process that is both time and cost-effective—resulting in high-performance homes that will last for generations.

Become a builder partner

Partnering with Unity helps builders harness the benefits of off-site construction with less effort than traditional build methods. We are looking for builders to work with us to help build high-performance homes for more people, working in tandem with our prefabricated build methods. Off-site construction leads to more upfront design planning, easier estimating, less on-site labor and supervision needs, reduced timelines, and quality envelopes raised with less effort and more precision. 

The advantages of partnering with Unity Homes on your projects:

  • Complete more projects with fewer resources 
  • Estimate with fewer revisions from better upfront cost information   
  • Design plans, permit plans, CD’s, and engineering all provided by Unity 
  • Receive referrals from Unity or refer prospects to Unity  
  • Start with a high-performance, air-tight shell package for every project 
  • Leverage offsite production benefits- less overhead with 40% of a project produced off-site  
  • Save time visiting showrooms, confirming selections, and sourcing finishes through Unity’s Tempo Package 

If you are interested in becoming a Unity builder partner, fill out the contact form below to connect with us. 


By partnering with Unity, developers can build communities that are green, sustainable and Net Zero ready with Unity’s high-performance building shells. Our optimized off-site construction systems and organized project flow take care of the building details so that you don’t have to.  

Common developer priorities met through a Unity Homes partnership:

  • High-Performance – health, comfort, energy efficiency and durability
  • Speed – compressing typical construction time frames
  • Quality – engineered materials and precision fits assure performance and minimize callbacks
  • Multiples – leveraging investments of design and engineering over multiple units
  • Repetition – making efficient use of Unity’s automated manufacturing
  • Design – house plans configured from within our system are most cost-effective to build
  • Efficiency – save on overhead costs when 40% of the project is completed off-site 
  • Labor – Unity’s crew performs the installation of shell packages on site 

Every development project is different, and Unity offers a spectrum of solutions, so we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss collaborating on a development. Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us about your potential projects.