In 2012, Unity spun off of Bensonwood, a company with a 45-year history of building the highest quality homes using innovative off-site methods. That heritage of quality, performance and continuous improvement underlies every home that Unity builds.

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Since being founded, we’ve designed and built over 200 high-performance homes throughout New England and beyond. Our unmatched experience allows us to optimize our processes, materials and methods to provide the greatest value to our clients. 

Our expertise in building quality, high-performance homes is based on:

  • Using best-practices that we’ve gathered from around the world, and incorporated into our own design-build process
  • Maintaining a culture of continuous improvement, informed by Lean manufacturing principles. We strive to minimize waste in all its forms, and focus on the creation of value for our clients.
  • Building homes twice—first virtually, in a 3D computer model, and then actually. The same computer model of the home that allows us to anticipate issues in the design phase provides instructions to the computer-controlled machinery in our shops.
  • Incorporating standard operating procedures, checklists, and frequent training into our day-to-day operations.
  • Implementing specific quality-assurance checks throughout the manufacturing process
  • Specifying high-performance building elements such as triple-glazed windows for comfort and quiet, and balanced ventilation systems for constant fresh air
  • Vetting the materials, finishes and fixtures we offer to ensure that they are high quality, and sustainably produced
  • Educating our local builder partners so that they understand the finer points of working on a Unity Home
  • Recruiting and retaining team members who share our clients’ commitment to healthy, comfortable homes that live lightly on the planet.

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In their own words
Sam Rashkin
efficiency, HEALTH and durability

Unity homes are ultra high-performance homes including levels of energy efficiency, health protection, and durability that lead the industry.

Sam Rashkin,
Founder of Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry