Sustainability is a broad approach to building that considers the impact the construction and operation of our homes will have on the planet and on future generations. Sustainability underlies all that we do at Unity Homes, and it’s a value that is shared by Unity homeowners.

Why is sustainability important?

Worldwide, buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of total carbon emissions. In the next forty years, we are projected to double the amount of built space on the planet. Every new home that is built is an opportunity and a statement. Unity Homes and our clients are committed to being part of the solution to climate change. (Building walls that store carbon)

The energy efficiency that Unity builds into every home is key to sustainability, but our holistic approach also gives careful consideration to other impacts of our homes, including:

  • Sourcing our materials carefully, to understand how they are produced and transported
  • Using materials that are not energy-intensive to manufacture
  • Reducing waste through our precision off-site construction methods
  • Researching the “ingredients” that make up our homes, to avoid potentially toxic or hazardous substances
  • Prioritizing the use of renewable materials such as sustainably-harvested wood and cellulose made from recycled newsprint
  • Designing with open floor plans that allow smaller homes to “live large”
  • Planning for adaptability, so that our homes remain functional as the occupants’ needs change over time. The more easily changes can be made, the less waste is involved in renovation.
  • Analyzing our operations as a company, to minimize our own carbon footprint
In their own words
Alison Keay
shaping the industry

I enjoy working on homes knowing the impact that energy efficiency and sustainability have on the environment, comfort, health, and wellness. We are shaping the industry to hopefully demand better materials and processes to get to higher quality homes.

Alison Keay, Unity Homes’ Lead Sales Advisor

Practicing what we preach

Because we believe in practicing what we preach, at Unity we’ve dedicated significant effort to making our company operations more sustainable. Our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact include:

  • Using waste wood to heat our facilities
  • Using renewable energy (PV) to help power our panel production shop
  • Providing incentives to team members to bike and carpool to work

Many of Unity’s clients choose to work with us because they understand and share our commitment to sustainability. Building with Unity reinforces their own commitment to living lightly on the planet, and it provides an inspiring example for others seeking to minimize the environmental impact of their homes.