Unity’s Selection Process: Finishes and Fixtures

Choosing the unique fixtures and finishes for your Unity home is an exciting part of the design build journey. We call this stage the “selections process,” which takes place during the design phase—or “Preconstruction Services Agreement”—prior to building your home. […]

Unity’s Screened Porches

Home should be more than a living space. It should be a place of calm, joy, and inspiration. Have you ever sat outside to enjoy […]

Unity Garage Design

Who needs a garage? Most Unity clients, it turns out.  
Of the last 50 homes that Unity has built, 40 had garages, and most of them were attached directly to the house. 
While it may seem like a relatively simple matter to add a garage to a house design, doing it well – so that the garage works with the site, the house and the project budget – requires careful consideration.  […]

Siting Your New Home

Siting a home properly on the building lot is one of the first and most important tasks of building a new home. Because the siting of the home will affect construction costs, the appearance and performance of the home, and even its resale value, we strongly encourage all of our clients to engage a professional site designer to assist with the process.

Evaluating Potential Building Sites

One of the more common questions we’re asked by prospective clients is whether Unity can send someone to help evaluate potential building sites. Generally our answer is “no,” because we simply don’t have the bandwidth, but we do have practical suggestions for assessing land on which you’re considering building. […]

How Will COVID Change Home Design?

With most Americans being impacted by stay-at-home orders in the past two months, our ideas about what homes should be and how they should serve us are evolving rapidly. In general, new homes will have to be more resilient, more flexible and more efficient to better accommodate crises like the one we’re living through. Fortunately, we build these qualities into every Unity Home. […]

Unity’s Design Expertise

Through the experience of designing over 100 Unity homes, Unity has developed and refined the design system to optimize its flexibility and efficiency. […]

A Personalized Design for a Unity Shell Package

How can Unity provide an efficient, streamlined design-build process for our clients, when every site is unique and every client has different needs? Some building […]

A Cost Comparison of Three Xylas

Unity recently estimated costs for three different projects that have two factors in common: they are based on the Xyla platform, and they are located […]

A Tale of Three Nanos

What do a cluster of three workforce cottages on Cape Cod, a home for simple living in Greenfield, MA, and a poolside guest cabana in […]

Tiny Houses and Unity’s Nano

On Labor Day Weekend, Unity Homes joined several thousand other small home enthusiasts in Brattleboro, VT to celebrate sustainable building solutions at the second annual Tiny […]

A Primer on Unity’s Design System

“Does Unity have standard plans?” and “Can Unity build my design?” are two of the more common questions we hear from prospective clients (the most […]

Unity Homes Style Series: The Versatile Värm

All Unity Homes have been optimized for health, comfort, energy efficiency and durability. But among the four Unity platforms, Värm™, with its full two stories, has special attributes […]