Fixtures & Finishes

Constructing a new home potentially involves making thousands of decisions about everything from the color of the roofing to the style of the knobs on the kitchen cabinets. Because we understand that this effort can be daunting, at Unity we’ve developed a process that simplifies and streamlines decision-making for our clients.

You can view our video on the selections process here.

You can also read our blog on the selections process here.

Unity handles the decisions relating to the performance of the building—comfort, healthy indoor air, and energy efficiency. This frees up our clients to focus on the decisions that will affect the look and feel of the home.

We’ve compiled fixtures and finishes in various styles that we know work well together and perform to the highest standards.

  • Unity’s sustainability specialists have chosen materials and fixtures that optimize health and minimize environmental impact.
  • Our project managers have signed off on the cost-effectiveness and buildability of these materials.
  • Our interior design team has assembled various styles and finishes that can coordinate in a number of different configurations.

These options form the basis of the interior design of the home.

Unity’s design team is utilizing an online cloud-based platform to share resources and collaborate with clients on selecting their finishes and fixtures. Using this tool and its associated three-step process eliminates the stress and pressure of making multiple decisions in a single setting. This allows clients the freedom to consider our standard offerings,  research alternatives and confidently select fixtures and finishes in a relaxed setting.

Our offerings include a number of different finishes and fixtures for various budget levels. Options are designated as standard or upgrade. Clients who stick closely to Unity’s standard offerings realize the greatest value. Compare STANDARD and UPGRADE options.

Thanks to our simplified process, most Unity clients make nearly all of the decisions about their home before construction begins. This allows us to provide a fixed-price contract for Unity’s scope of work. Fixed-price contracts give our clients peace-of-mind about costs, and Unity’s thoughtful selections give our clients peace-of-mind about the look and feel of their finished home.

*These images are just a sample of our collections intended to give you a sense of Unity’s options and style.