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Tour of Unity: Four Platforms in One Day!

Värm in Fitzwilliam, NH

One of the most distinctive features of Unity Homes is our design system, which is based on four design starting points or “platforms.” As most visitors to this blog are probably aware, the design of each Unity Home typically starts with one of the platforms: the Xyla, the Värm, the Tradd or the Zūm. These platforms are distinguished by how they look, and also by how they function—how they are lived in. During the design process, the platforms are modified using pre-designed, pre-engineered elements so that the resulting designs fit the needs, the sites and the budgets of our clients.

We hope that the example plans on this website give visitors some sense of the flexibility inherent in our design system. We call them “example” plans to suggest that they represent just a few of the many possible results that can be achieved by configuring the core platform volumes with elements from our library of building components.

How does a Unity client decide on the design platform that is right for them? Often the choice is based on particular priorities—for example, the Xyla and the Zūm offer one-floor living, while the Värm and the Tradd have second stories. Our Zūm clients most often mention the contemporary styling and large windows as driving their choice of platform.  Sometimes the decision is simply intuitive: “As soon as I saw the Tradd, I knew that’s what I wanted.”

Because there’s nothing quite like standing in an actual home to experience what living in it would be like, we have decided to host simultaneous open houses at four different Unity Homes, representing each of our four design platforms. We are calling this self-guided event the “Tour of Unity.”

On October 15 between 10am and 3pm, three Unity Homes in southwest New Hampshire and one across the river in Vermont will be available for tours. The locations include Unity’s Zūm style show home in Walpole, NH, a Värm and a Tradd in Fitzwilliam, NH, and a Xyla in Dummerston, VT.  All of the homes are within about 35 miles or less of each other. With a bit of planning, anyone interested in seeing all four platforms should be able to achieve this—and perhaps even allow for a brief lunch between tours.

During this self-guided day of open houses, representatives from Unity will be at each of the homes to welcome you, provide tours and answer questions. Attendees may also have the opportunity to hear first hand from homeowners what it’s like to work with Unity, and to live in a high performance Unity Home.

Please RSVP at this web page to obtain addresses and directions to the homes on the tour.

Any questions can be answered by Unity’s Marketing Coordinator Samantha Wilhelm ([email protected]).

We look forward to the possibility of seeing you on the tour!