Featured Zum Projects

A Zum in Barnard, VT

Thanks to Pat’s long career in the diplomatic corps, she and her husband Darryl have lived in many different countries and experienced a wide variety of housing types. In Norway, they became enchanted with hytter, the small cabins in the woods that every Norwegian family seemed to own. While renting these cabins for weekend getaways, Pat and Darryl found that they liked living remotely in the woods and decided to pursue this lifestyle in the U.S. for their retirement.

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A Zum in Pelham, MA

After 25 years in their old farmhouse, Tony and Anne were ready for a change. They knew they wanted a home that was smaller and warmer, but they weren’t sure how to begin. Then they found Unity.

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A Zum in Walpole, NH

We like to say that we build each Unity Home twice: first virtually, and then actually. In the case of Unity’s Zūm-style show home, we “built” it four times: once virtually, once in our shop, once in Washington, D.C., and finally in Walpole.

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