Personalized Path


The Personalized path starts with a Streamlined design and then our sales advisors will help you identify the areas of the design that can then be modified. These include some changes to the interior floor plan, window sizes and locations plus exterior porches and decks, however, please note that there are limitations even within the Personalized design path. 


Site plan, septic plan and photos are necessary in order to start the PSA– Unity recommends hiring a site planner to assist with locating and orienting the home on the site.

Prior to signing a PSA, our sales advisors will also help you determine the: 

  • Foundation type (slab, full basement, or walkout)
  • Unity package scope: Shell or Tempo
  • Personalized modifications
  • Project budget

During this time, we recommend engaging with a local builder to assist with planning, scheduling and cost estimating for the parts of the project not provided by Unity.


There are three phases to the PSA process:


The Personalized design phase has three steps: 

  • Design Kickoff or initial meeting including one of our designers where we gather all the information about your project before updating the plans. 
  • Design Assembly – A preliminary plan based on the information from the kickoff 
  • Design Review – Confirmation that the plans are correct and that the design phase is completed: 
    • Plans include a site plan, 3D views and floor plans 
    • Heating/cooling load calculations and recommended HVAC equipment 
    • An updated estimate based on the final design and standard finishes 


During this phase, you will pick the finishes for your Shell or Tempo package:

  • The first step is an introduction to the online review software 
  • The second step is a virtual meeting to review your initial selections and answer any questions 
  • The third step is a meeting at our showroom to see finishes in person (not necessary for Shell packages) 
  • Final step is an updated estimate based on the finishes you selected 


We will provide a draft contract for you and your builder to review with the following: 

  • Design Plans – Site diagram, 3D view, floor plans, elevations, electrical plans and building sections 
  • Contract – Specifications and pricing 
  • Breakdown of scopes for local builder estimating 
  • Heating / cooling load calculations and HVAC equipment recommendations 
  • Green Addendum – for appraisal if needed for financing 

Once the draft contract is approved and finalized, your builder should complete their pricing and you can complete the final step for financing if required. 

When you sign the build contract and pay the 20% deposit, the PSA process is complete and the Build phase begins. 


Basic Price$12,000
Potential Add-ons:
Tempo+ $1,500
Full Basement+ $1,000
Walkout Basement+ $4,000
Extra Design+ $2,000