In response to the many inquiries we have received about smaller homes, Unity Homes has developed the Nano design. At 440 square feet, Nano embodies Unity’s intelligent design, high quality and efficient production in a compact package. The Nano’s size makes it well-suited for a starter home, or for those looking to trade their larger, less-efficient home for a downsized nest.We currently offer two floor plans for the Nano. In one version, the sleeping area is not walled off from the main living area. Instead, the two areas are designed to be separated by a furniture module–for example, by shelves that function as a room divider. In the other version of the Nano floor plan, the sleeping area is enclosed by partition walls.The Nano comes with two different roof options.  The more affordable choice is roof trusses that create flat–but generous–ceilings in the living areas. The upgraded option is insulated roof panels and a timber ridge that result in vaulted ceilings over the living areas. The vaulted roof option allows space for a modest storage loft.

In order to provide the best value to our Nano customers, Unity offers this design as either a shell package, or our Tempo model–the weathertight shell plus all the materials necessary to finish it. Given the scale of the Nano, a professional builder can typically finish it several weeks after we assemble the weathertight shell. The design also lends itself to completion by owner-builders.

Please contact us for additional information on specifications and pricing.



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