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Unity Homes designs and manufactures durable, high performance, energy-efficient homes. Manufactured off-site at the company’s factory in Walpole, New Hampshire, Unity homes can be completely assembled on site in as little as 30 or 35 days – but are designed to last centuries. Established in 2012, Unity Homes represents the culmination of 40 years of homebuilding innovation developed by Bensonwood Homes, the award-winning timberframe company founded in 1972. Unity extends that legacy of quality to factory-built homes that are customizable and affordable.

Currently Unity offers four highly-customizable design platforms, ranging from the ultra modern to traditional, farmhouse-inspired styles. Unity blends precision and speed of construction with some of the best performance in sustainable home building — demonstrating how Unity Homes can radically change the way homes are built in the United States for the better.




Tedd Benson has championed high-performance, sustainable building for more than 40 years. He founded Bensonwood in 1972, and set about reviving the centuries old tradition of timber frame construction in the United States; in the decades since, he authored four seminal books on the craft of timber framing. In recent years, Benson channeled that passion for innovation, quality and craftsmanship into an unwavering search for new and better ways to build. With his latest venture, Unity Homes, Benson aims to disrupt the American homebuilding industry, and deliver affordable high-performance, sustainable homes to more homeowners. Unity College in Maine awarded Benson an honorary Doctorate of Environmental Sustainability in 2008.


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