Seven-Step Guide

When it comes to life’s big decisions, building a new home ranks up there with choosing a life partner and starting a family. It can be an exciting and rewarding process. But, it can also be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. We’ve prepared this guide to help you better navigate and streamline the process, helping to make it rewarding and enjoyable.

You’ll learn about:

  • Defining your Goals
  • Obtaining the Building Lot
  • Knowing your Budget
  • Exploring Design Options
  • Narrowing the Specifications
  • Determining the Schedule
  • Choosing the Builder
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Unity Homes builds high-performance homes that are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. By precisely manufacturing building components in the controlled conditions of a shop, and then assembling them rapidly on site, we provide clients with predictable quality, schedules, and costs.

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is to have a direct impact on the quality of people’s lives – their security and comfort, and the beauty of their surroundings, to raise the standard of homebuilding and serve our public in a better way.

Tedd Benson, Founder of Unity Homes