This Is How We Put It All Together.

Most home building involves assembling approximately 50,000 parts over the course of several months or even a whole year, in the midst of all kinds of weather. Building houses this way is subject to delays in the delivery of materials and availability of subcontractors, as well as the performance of workers who, in many cases, have minimal training.

In comparison, we arrive on your site with approximately 50 precision components that have been fabricated under controlled conditions, loaded onto a truck in the exact order in which they’ll be needed, and delivered to sites where typical “modular” homes simply can’t go due to size constraints. There is very little waste and there are none of the on-site surprises that always seem to send budgets skyrocketing, because everyone on a Unity job site is part of an experienced team—including the job captain who has followed the project from the planning stages through its on-site completion.

We’ll assemble your entire shell and have it weather tight in a matter of days…and the house could be ready for move-in 8 to 10 weeks later.