This Is How We Build Them.

As soon as your design is finished, the people in our shop know exactly where every cut, hole, nail, and screw is going. Because your “3D home” (on our computers) has been turned into very precise—and we mean very precise—digital plans for every component, including cutting lists for our high-speed automated cutting system, and the exact placement of all the mechanical systems.

We use this information to mark every board before it becomes part of a wall, roof, or floor assembly—or even the framing for a specific door or window, stairway or cabinet. The process also allows us to order lumber and other raw materials when we need it, instead of weeks or months in advance. This “building information model” (BIM) and our commitment to lean-manufacturing processes save time, cost, and waste—and yield a high-precision home that features joinery with tolerances as low as 1/32″… and no surprises in the process.

Everyone at Unity plays a role in building your home. In fact, at any time, if you asked someone in the shop where in the house a particular board or that panel is going, they could probably tell you. They could also tell you when the job is scheduled to go out and if they are going to be working on that job site. Because most of us have been here for a decade – or decades – and we’ve not only seen it all, we’ve done it all.