Imagine Building a Home without Stress or Surprises.

The idea of montage informs everything we do. Whether we’re “montage-ing” architectural principles, design and building techniques, 40 years of experience in home design and construction, components on a job site, or even finding new ways to work together as a team.

Our original theories of building are a montage of architectural principles from ancient Rome to modern Sweden, Germany, Amsterdam, and other areas of the world (including America…particularly New England!). Our technology is customized, using the latest advances in 3D modeling. And our processes include best practices from all over the world.

Download Unity Homes Process Photo-Book (pdf)

You are an integral part of this process—from the moment you first call until we assemble your home on site. In between, you can work directly with our designers and production people, tour our plant while your home is being fabricated, check the daily progress of your job online (with pictures!), track any change orders (no surprises), and even select fixtures and appliances.

If you like, once we assemble your shell, you can take over…installing all or some of the fixtures and finishes…a new construction model we call Tempo.

This is all part of what we mean by “montage.” It’s how – and why – we created Unity. Find out more about working with Unity with our 10-Step Guide