“May Be the Greenest Prefabs on the Market.” — Lloyd Alter, Treehugger.com

For us, building a green home involves the materials we use, the standards we strive for, and the processes we use to get there.

We start by using wood. Not only is it the most renewable building resource available, it has a very low carbon footprint compared to steel, concrete, and other building materials. For insulation we use cellulose made from recycled newspaper stock that we pack tightly into our walls and roof systems. We have also received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) verifying that we are using wood products in a way that supports responsible forest management along with materials from post-consumer recycled sources.

Many of the the things that make our homes so green however, have to do with how we work. Advanced CNC (computer numerical control) machinery ensures that we use the minimum amount of wood to make the maximum amount of house. Fabricating up to 60% of the home in our shop means that we can maintain tight quality controls regardless of site conditions. And our Open-Built® technology creates a home that adapts to the people who live there—saving time and money as they adapt to changes in lifestyle and technology…all in a house designed to last hundreds of years.