Working Together

At Unity, we know building a home can be one of the most important decisions you make. We try to make building your home a low stress—and dare we say fun!—process. Years of experience building homes has helped us understand what clients need and how we can best support them. Below are ten steps that outline the key project phases for planning and building a Unity home. Or download our comprehensive Ten-Step Guide for more details

Step 1: Visit Us

Please visit us! There really is no better way to experience how we deliver uncompromising quality and performance than to meet our team, visit our facility or see one of our homes.

If participating in an event is not feasible, that’s okay—our team is happy to provide you with all the information you need to feel comfortable proceeding. Visit our Events page.

Step 2: Research Preliminary Designs & Budget

Balancing your design and your budget is key to a successful project. If you don’t yet have a building lot, then we suggest holding off on developing any formal plans, but you can begin to explore Unity’s design platforms, options and costs. We’ll work with you to achieve a healthy balance based on your needs, your site and your budget. Contact us.

Step 3: Choose Your Build Option

There are three ways to build a home with Unity: SHELL( assembling just the shell); TEMPO (we supply the Shell and selected finishes – this option is available throughout New England); WHOLE HOUSE (finishing the entire house – this option is available to locations within a limited radius of our NH headquarters). Our team can help you determine which option is best for you. Download Unity’s Package Options guide.

Step 4: Develop the Design

Once you’ve decided on a design platform and have a preliminary budget, we engage in a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA) to further develop the design, specifications and pricing. Depending on your needs, we offer PSA paths that are more streamlined, or more customized. The Unity team member with whom you are working can explain in more detail the options available in each path and which is best for you. Download Unity’s Design Path guide

Step 5: Select Finish and Fixtures

If you have opted for a Tempo or Whole House package, Unity offers several pre-curated collections of finishes and fixtures to streamline the decision-making process. If the collections as-is don’t fit your needs, Unity has numerous additional selection options that can be used to augment them.
Learn more about Unity’s Fixtures and Finishes.

Step 6: Engage a Local Builder (for Shell and Tempo)

While Unity is able to provide Whole House (turnkey) services within a limited radius of our southwest New Hampshire headquarters, beyond a certain distance it’s most efficient for the work on site to be managed by a local general contractor. For Shell and Tempo projects, we’ll work with you to help find and choose a local builder.

Step 7: Secure Financing

If you are seeking bank financing, Unity Homes will supply you with a Bank Set of documents that includes floor plans, elevation drawings and electrical plans. Unity does not offer in-house financing, but we can provide contact information for banks that have financed Unity Homes for past clients. We also provide information for the bank to use in the appraisal process, because properly appraising a high-performance home requires specialized expertise

Step 8: Sign Construction Contract

After you have secured financing and are ready to begin construction, we will develop a fixed price contract for Unity’s scope of work for your review and approval. For Shell and Tempo projects, this is typically when the local builder prepares a contract as well. When we receive the signed contract and the deposit, your Unity project manager will create a project schedule and begin to guide your project through the fabrication and build stages.

Step 9: Experience “A Better Way to Build”

Once the construction contract is signed, we will finalize the virtual 3D model of your home, and generate the construction drawings needed for work to begin. While the site is being prepared and the foundation installed, we build the shell components using innovative off-site construction methods. The on-site assembly process—which we call “Montage”—begins when we deliver the building component bundles to your site. After your building shell is up, the post-assembly work can be completed. Learn more about our Design and Build Process.

Step 10: Move in!

If we are providing Whole House services, then your Unity project manager will conduct a walk-through when the project is substantially complete to identify any last “punch list” items. After you have moved into your new home, we will provide you with a Unity Home Owner’s Manual for convenient reference. We look forward to staying in touch after the project is complete to ensure that you are settling comfortably into your new home.

Download our Ten-Step Guide for a more detailed description of how we can work together to build your healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient home.