Building With Us

It starts with a 3D model

The process starts with a 3D computer model of the home, which we configure to meet your needs, site and budget. Information from the 3D model drives the computer-controlled equipment in our production facility, where large components of the home are prefabricated. The components are delivered to the site, and our team of highly-skilled carpenters assembles them quickly and efficiently into the weather-tight shell of the home. The home is then finished inside and out by local crews using materials that are typically supplied by Unity.

Thanks to digital modeling and precision off-site construction, you can be assured of having a home that is healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and low maintenance.

In their own words
I could not be more pleased

I could not be more pleased with the house and the awesome customer service. You guys made the process thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable – not something you typically hear about when building homes.

Rick M