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Värm in Fitzwilliam, NH

Tour of Unity: Four Platforms in One Day!

One of the most distinctive features of Unity Homes is our design system, which is based on four design starting points or “platforms.” As most visitors to this blog are probably aware, the design of each Unity Home typically starts […]

Unity Breaks Ground at Vermont Development

Here at Unity Homes, we are excited to have broken ground last week on the first of a dozen houses that we will be building […]

Project Download: A Värm in Connecticut

two story Värm exterior Unity Homes recently completed a home located in a beautiful part of southwest Connecticut. Last week I visited the owners, Amy […]

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the DOE, Highlights Unity Homes

Unity Homes is honored to be featured in a recent article by Sam Rashkin, who has dedicated his career to improving the performance of homes in […]

Busting Headers with Dr. Joint

Bensonwood’s former head engineer Ben Brungraber (aka “Dr. Joint”) enjoys breaking things.  In fact, Ben’s alma mater Stanford awarded him a PhD. for research that involved breaking […]

Four Unity Homes Near Completion at Dartmouth College

Early last year, Dartmouth College approached Unity Homes to discuss building four faculty residences on campus as part of an initiative called “Moving Dartmouth Forward” […]

Unity Makes the Top Ten.

Unity is pleased to be named a Top 10 Product for 2016, by BuildingGreen, a leading publisher of independent environmental building news. The awards have been given out […]

Building Energy 16: Sharing A Common Goal

In March, a team from Unity Homes and Bensonwood went down to Boston for the annual BuildingEnergy Conference, held by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). […]

Unity Goes to NESEA

From March 8 – 10, Unity Homes will be participating in the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BuildingEnergy Boston 2016 at the Seaport World Trade Center. This annual event […]

Triple-Glazed Windows: Why They’re a Good Investment

When it comes to energy efficiency, triple-glazed windows clearly make a difference. But are they worth the investment? Every homebuilding project and each homeowner has their priorities, […]

Energy Ratings and Alphabet Soup: HERS, LEED, ZERH and more

Many programs have been established to measure the energy efficiency and environmental impact of new buildings. The plethora of options can make it difficult even for those […]

Reflections on Greenbuild 2015

CLICK HERE TO SEE TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the Greenbuild Unity Home being assembled in less than 3 days! The dust has settled (literally and figuratively) on Unity […]

Greenbuild Unity Home Completed in Record Time!

In retrospect, our goal of taking just two days to completely assemble the show home for this week’s Greenbuild Conference and Expo may have been unrealistic.  It […]

Taking Montage to a New Level: Building in the Unity Shop

At Unity Homes, we use the word montage (a French word meaning “assembly”) to describe three main processes: 1) how our designs are assembled on-screen in 3D […]

Greenbuild Unity Home Is Now Underway

Unity is known for building homes unusually quickly, but the show home that’s being featured at this year’s Greenbuild Conference and Trade Showin Washington D.C. will […]

New Xyla exceeds Passive House Air-Tightness Standard

We recently did a blower door test on a Xyla in northern New Hampshire to measure its air tightness—i.e., how “leaky” it was. The result was .38ACH@50 pa, which […]

What Is Montage?

Unity has developed a three-part solution that solves several big problems with modern building. Most construction today is done on-site, where raw materials are delivered […]

Tedd Benson Keynotes Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Conference

Green building is not a stagnant goal, but rather a rapidly-moving evolutionary process. The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild plays an active role in that evolution, working to turn […]