Featured Nano Projects

A Nano in Springfield, VT

When Amy and Craig emigrated to Vermont from Massachusetts a decade ago, they moved from an 1870’s farmhouse to a Cape that was built in 1760. They did what they could to make the Cape more energy efficient – including adding a PV system to the roof, but eventually the maintenance required by the house and the forty acre property began to feel like too much. They began thinking about downsizing into a modest, energy-efficient house that would have low utility bills and be easy to maintain. 

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3 Nanos in Brewster, MA

When the property adjacent to her home on Cape Cod came on the market, Sarah jumped at the chance to purchase it. Her vision: to transform the three dilapidated cottages on the property into housing that would provide benefits to her and to the community.

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A Nano in Greenfield, MA

As a nurse in Boston planning for her future, Janet envisioned living a simpler life with a smaller footprint. What she never envisioned, however, was that she would build that future herself - literally with her own two hands. But that’s what Janet did when she retired and became the general contractor for her Unity Nano.

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