These Are the Ways We Can Work Together.

We build most homes from foundation to finish…providing all the architectural, engineering, finish and fixture selection, and permitting support you need. But some of our clients have backgrounds in building and want to do more of it themselves. Or there’s a builder in the area you want to work with and who has experience in building high-performance homes. In order to maintain the integrity of the Unity platforms and offer clients the ability to participate in the process to a greater or lesser degree, we’ve developed a program called Tempo.

Basically, there are three ways we can work together:

TURNKEY (Whole House) We handle the project from design to turning over the keys. You handle the site work (excavation, water, septic, power, etc) and leave the rest to us. (Although we expect you to come watch the shell go up!).

TEMPO We erect the shell of your building and deliver all the interior and exterior components to the site. We install some or all of the fixtures and finishes and leave the rest for you. (Although we’d like to come take pictures when you’re done!)

SHELL ONLY We only recommend this option when we can both work closely with a builder (or developer) in your area. As the name says, once we’ve finished working together on the design, we deliver and install the shell that we’ve manufactured in-house along with the basic interior elements and then your builder can take over from there. You get the benefit of Unity’s high performance building components and air-tightness details, but retain the option to use the finishes and fixtures of your choosing.  (Although most customers use the ones that we’ve chosen specifically to complement the design of the platforms.)

Preconstruction Services Agreement

After signing the Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA), you will work with the Unity team to configure all aspects of your home. We will guide you through the planning process, including final design plans and selections. The final step will be a construction contract to begin the Build Phase.