The Tradd platform design is essentially a classic New England “Cape” raised to a full two stories, with the second level organized under the roofline. It reflects both our experience with early American architectural design and our commitment to optimized, affordable performance standards.

A basic Tradd is about 2000 square feet, has two to five bedrooms, and usually features one to three full baths and a half-bath. But we can easily integrate additional bedrooms, baths, and floor space. Other options include covered or screen porches, different types of dormers, various entry styles, attached garages, and one-level connectors. This interior can be designed with vaulted spaces and private nooks, all while meeting our stringent goals for efficiency. It’s also the platform that can feature exposed timber framing throughout. So you can have the timelessness of timber-frame design while meeting the latest energy-efficiency standards.


DOWNLOAD All Tradd Floor Plans (pdf)

Unity’s platforms are at the heart of the design system that we have developed to streamline the design and planning process for building a new home. The system also includes an extensive library of pre-designed components that can be used to configure the platforms to suit specific needs, sites and budgets. Because each client is unique and every building site is different, no two Unity homes are the same.

The plans below embody tried-and-true configurations that we have found work well on a variety of sites. For many clients who are interested in the Tradd, these plans will require very little personalization to fit their needs, resulting in a process that is simple, easy and cost-effective. And if changes to a design are required, they can be made with the options available in our design system. See: A Primer on Unity’s Design System

Every Tradd is designed as one integrated whole, including:

1. Basic standard specifications to achieve energy efficiency and air-quality standards.
2. Kitchen and bath fixtures that can be incorporated into pods manufactured off-site.
3. Doors and trim that are designed to combine high insulating value with ready access to mechanical systems.
4. Optional add-on structures, including porches and garages.