Health Begins at Home.

We spend about 2/3rds of our lives in our homes. So if we’re serious about our health, we have to make our homes as seriously healthy as possible. That includes designing and building them to be well lit, quiet, draft free, moisture controlled, and free of toxins.

NATURAL LIGHT: By adjusting the angle of roofs and size of windows we can maximize incoming daylight.

SOUND: Our intense focus on super-insulation and controlling drafts has the added benefit of making our homes surprisingly peaceful and quiet.

PESTS: They belong outside, not in—another advantage of making a home with extremely tight joints.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ): The idea of being “allergic” to a home would have seemed laughable a few decades ago. Not now. The use of paints, finishes, and other products with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) has become a major health hazard. This is an important topic that we’ve researched and written about extensively. We believe your home should be the safest, healthiest indoor environment you can find.