The Big Picture

At Unity Homes we believe that overall home quality and performance need to rise well above current American standards … and that too consistently achieve this, the conventional building process needs to change course. These core convictions inform every home we build. By combining the advantages of off-site fabrication & craft with rapid, on-site building, we strive to achieve the best of both worlds. And by incorporating renewable materials like wood, we strive to make homes as sustainable as they are beautiful.

Improving energy efficiency
• In the building of homes (more productivity, less waste)
• In the home’s operational efficiencies (low energy demands mean less energy use and smaller, simpler HVAC systems)
• Less dependency on fossil fuels

Improving sustainability
• Organize the home on a 3-D grid to eliminate redundancy & streamline construction
• Organize the home into its useful layers for simpler construction, maintenance, and upgrading
• Use renewable resources like wood and cellulose
• Use low- or no-VOC materials and finishes

Improving people’s lives by improving their quality of living
• By creating beautiful, comfortable, substantial, and frugal homes that instill a sense of well-being
• By creating healthy indoor environments
• By creating homes that are inexpensive to maintain and operate
• By continually striving to improve on the above

Improving the quality of homes by improving the way they’re built
• Off-site, indoor fabrication in a controlled environment
• High level of craft for beauty, functionality, & efficiency
• Rapid on-site construction to protect home from elements and minimize site disruption

Improving ourselves
 and our service
• Honoring our clients
• Honoring each other
• Cherishing our community
• Protecting the environment