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Our Mission—and the goal of many homebuilders committed to sustainability—is to make high-performance, low-energy homes widely available and more affordable. To do this means streamlining and optimizing all of our processes, while creating additional production capacity in order to achieve economies of scale.

At the same time, we intend to deliver homes that are responsive to particular site conditions and to our clients’ individual needs and lifestyles. For long-term durability and sustainability, they also need to be easily adaptable as occupants’ needs and desires change. And one more challenge: such custom-fitted homes should be designed as free compositions from proven solutions, rather than as costly, risky creations from the infinite sea of untested possibility.

To achieve these important objectives, we must extend our work with manufacturers, suppliers, developers, designers, and building professionals all over the country to establish a technology-driven building system based on common standards. Using this method, rather than building each home “stick by stick,” precision-integrated assemblies become library elements and components that can be manufactured off-site. With the dimensional and interface standards of the system, the assemblies are compatible with each other so they can be configured in a nearly limitless number of ways and then assembled efficiently on site.

Our mission requires that we essentially transform the entire homebuilding industry. When we do this, both homeowners and manufacturers win. The former because homes are far better in every respect; the latter because they can add value, innovate, and have greater control of complete and real systems. That’s two winners. Two more: better jobs in what should be a noble profession; and the planet, when all homes aren’t burning fossil fuels and remain in their steadfast, benign service for centuries.

Let’s talk about how we can work to transform our industry and truly create a better way to build.

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