Home Matters: Comfort

Unity builds homes that simply feel good

Thick walls and precise construction methods mean you never have to worry about uncomfortable drafts in your home. A Unity Home is a quiet home filled with plenty of natural light and carefully selected high-quality materials– a quiet refuge from the outside world.

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Unity Homes builds high-performance homes that are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. By precisely manufacturing building components in the controlled conditions of a shop, and then assembling them rapidly on site, we provide clients with predictable quality, schedules, and costs.

Tedd Testimonial

is to have a direct impact on the quality of people’s lives: their health, their security, their comfort and their well-being. We do this in a way that respects the environment, because the quality of our lives is inseparable from the health of the planet.

Tedd Benson, Founder of Unity Homes