Tradd Floor Plans

These sample floor plans show a few of the many outcomes possible with Unity’s design system. Based on your needs, your desires, your budget and your site, we guide you toward a particular platform as a starting point. We then assemble the design using components from our library of hundreds of pre-designed, pre-configured elements, saving significant expense and time. The end result is a home that fits your needs, your lifestyle and your site.

A NOTE ABOUT CURRENT PRICING. We’re currently experiencing unprecedented volatility in the cost of materials and labor. We’re in the process of updating the costs estimates on our website. In the meantime, expect the estimates on these plans to be somewhat higher than listed on the plans.  

Tradd 112A 2832

  • 2 stories
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 2,064 square feet
  • options shown: deck
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