Working with Developers: The Unity Advantage

Unity Homes is teaming up with residential real estate developers in the northeast to create development projects that bear the Unity brand.  As Unity expands the geographic reach of its production facilities, we will be able to serve developers in other regions of the country.  Some of these developments will be Unity-branded, while others will maintain the developer’s own brand but be designed and built within Unity’s system – a model we call “Unity Inside.”

The process and products offered by Unity Homes provide a unique set of benefits to residential developers dedicated to high performance building.  The many advantages to a developer of working with Unity include:

Unity/Bensonwood brand stands for quality, integrity and value; reputation enhanced by national recognition.

Unity’s marketing and sales experience leverages the local knowledge and capabilities of developers

Highly evolved design system allows for mass-customization in real time

Fully integrated Building Production Modeling (BPM) embeds design and engineering intelligence in 3D model that feeds CNC production machinery

BPM model allows for 4D scheduling, automated clash detection, and on-site visualization

Predesigned and pre-engineered components, combined with off-site, CNC-driven manufacturing, result in high predictability of costs and schedule

Production efficiencies create cost-competitiveness as compared with homes having similar attributes

Production systems minimize waste in prefabrication and on site

Parallel processing of construction phases results in dramatically compressed project schedules, and consequently shorter construction financing terms

Extensive off-site prefabrication of building elements limits scope of work and consequent risk on site

Highly-evolved production systems and years of experience ensure performance of completed homes that exceeds the most stringent building codes

Built-in building science means long-term durability, and uncompromised health for building occupants

Minimal heating and cooling loads translate into low operational costs; all Unity Homes are built Net Zero Ready

Unity quality assurance minimizes punch lists and call-backs

OpenBuilt™ design system optimizes homes for eventual repair and remodel

Unity alliances with major manufacturers bring global intelligence to process and product

Proprietary building performance monitoring system facilitates ongoing operation and maintenance, and supports our intent to establish an industry-leading warranty on the building shell

If you would like to learn more about how the Unity advantage could benefit your development project, please contact us.