In addition to working directly with consumers, Unity has established successful working relationships with developers throughout New England and beyond. Many of the qualities that make Unity a good fit for our consumer clients, including predictability, speed and performance, are also valuable benefits for real estate developers.


The development projects on which Unity has worked successfully share certain priorities in common, including:

  • High Performance – health, comfort, energy efficiency and durability
  • Speed – compressing typical construction time frames
  • Quality – engineered materials and precision fits assure performance and minimize callbacks
  • Multiples – leveraging investments of design and engineering over multiple units
  • Repetition – making efficient use of Unity’s automated manufacturing
  • Design – house plans configured from within our system are most cost-effective to build
3 homes

By partnering with Unity, developers interested in building communities that are green, sustainable and Net Zero can rest assured that we’ll provide high performance building shells that are Net Zero Ready. We’ve optimized the components, incorporated the building science and refined the details so that you don’t have to. And our streamlined parallel process allows us to deliver when the homes are needed on site.

Because every development project is different, and Unity offers a spectrum of solutions, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss collaborating on a development. Unity’s contact for developers is Mark Hertzler (