When our raising crew is finished on site, the shell of the home is weathertight and insulated, with the windows, doors and interior partitions installed. For Whole House projects, Unity’s project manager and site supervisor take the lead in coordinating work on the exterior and interior. For Shell and Tempo projects, the local builder and/or the homeowner will manage the work on site—with Unity providing many of the finish materials if it’s a Tempo.

Built-in Solutions

Whether Whole House, Shell or Tempo, Unity provides solutions for finishing the home efficiently and predictably. The performance of the home is essentially guaranteed by the shell itself—the thick, well-insulated walls, air-tight construction and triple glazed windows. On the exterior of the wall panels, we preinstall strapping to create a rainscreen siding detail. We preinstall chases through the insulated wall panels for items such as venting ducts, hose bibs, exterior outlets and lights. On the interior, the panels include a service cavity that facilitates wiring, and the studs in our interior partitions are pre-drilled for wires. We give consideration to where the mechanical systems will be located and ducts will be run. And if the local builder or subs have questions, the project manager and site supervisor are available to respond.

Exterior and Interior Finishing

Roughing in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems typically begins soon after our assembly crew is done. Roofing, exterior trim and siding can be installed concurrently. Once the MEP systems are in place and signed off, interior finishes such as sheetrock, flooring, tile and trim are installed. Cabinetry is installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, and then the finish plumbing and electrical work can commence.

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It’s energy efficient. It lives really well. I love the look. It feels like I’m getting ‘away’ every time I come home.

Amy H, Unity Homeowner

Closing Out the Project

In Whole House projects, Unity’s project manager and site supervisor ensure that the work is done according to the plans and specifications. At the point of “Substantial Completion” (when the house is finished enough to occupy), the project manager does a walk-through with the homeowner to confirm and document remaining items of work. The resulting Punch List guides the Unity team and its subcontractors as they complete the home in a timely manner.

Because we believe that the largest purchase most people will ever make deserves good documentation, we provide an Owner’s Manual to all of our Whole House clients.

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