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Energy Ratings and Alphabet Soup: HERS, LEED, ZERH and more

Posted By Unity Team • January 8 2016 • Comments On

Many programs have been established to measure the energy efficiency and environmental impact of new buildings. The plethora of options can make it difficult even for those of us in the industry to keep track of the programs and acronyms. This post attempts to shed light on the more popular rating systems, and the ways in which Unity Homes is meeting or exceeding their targets.

The building geeks out there will likely be very impressed to learn that a Unity Home was recently awarded a HERS rating of 34 (and without incorporating renewable energy). Those who are not versed in home energy rating systems might be interested to know what this means, and why we believe it’s important.  

Certificate showing HERS Rating of 34

Energy efficient, comfortable and attractive
HERS 34: Energy efficient and comfortable


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