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Reflections on Greenbuild 2015.

Posted By Unity Team • December 7 2015 • Comments On

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CLICK HERE TO SEE TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the Greenbuild Unity Home being assembled in less than 3 days!

The dust has settled (literally and figuratively) on Unity Homes’ participation in Greenbuild 2015.  The Zūm show home that we erected in three days on the trade show floor has now been reassembled (in two days!) on its permanent foundation up the road from our Walpole, NH headquarters. We are responding to the large number of inquiries that resulted from Unity’s participation in Greenbuild. And we are reviewing and evaluating all that we accomplished, learned and saw.

We had envisioned the Greenbuild Conference and Expo as the national launch of Unity Homes, and as such, it could not have gone better. We pulled off the installation of a beautiful, high-performance show home at the conference in a remarkably short period of time. As job captain John McElroy said when someone complimented him on the achievement, “I know, right?  I can’t believe what we can do!” A record number of visitors toured the home, we received high praise from many quarters, and we hosted a national launch party for Unity that was enthusiastically attended by some of the brightest stars in green building.


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