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Unity Homes Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Posted By Unity Team • October 14 2014 • Comments On

“The typical American home is a performance dinosaur, and is too much of a long-term burden for homeowners and society. Unity Homes aims to help make this species extinct.”     

Tedd Benson


On October 9, 2012, Bensonwood launched Unity Homes with the goal of making ultra-efficient, off-site-built homes affordable for the average home buyer. To date, Unity Homes have been built along the East Coast as far south as Asheville, NC and as far north as Montpelier, VT, and have been praised as possibly the “greenest prefabs on the market” byTreeHugger’s Lloyd Alter.

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UNITY HOMES 6 Blackjack Crossing, Walpole, NH 03608    •     tel: 603-756-3600 for custom design options: www.bensonwood.com
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