Healthy Homes

Life is Your Most Important Asset

Healthy for You

Your family's health and well being are paramount to you — and to us. And we know that when it comes to indoor health, the dividends paid by quality construction are inestimable.

  • Healthy air quality: Ventilation systems assure that indoor air is refreshed and conditioned with minimal energy loss.
  • Healthy materials: Low or no VOC building materials and natural finishes ensure that the air quality of your Unity Home will remain pristine over the generations.
  • Healthy light: Few things affect a sense of well being as much as natural light — and Unity homes have plenty of it. Ceilings and window heights are typically high to allow daylight to penetrate more deeply into living areas.
  • Healthy silence: Robust walls and substantial construction make for quiet, tranquil living. Outdoor noises stay outside so you can enjoy the sounds of silence. The wind can howl and the traffic can roar — but you're a world away.
  • Healthy finances: Promote your family's financial health as well with the extremely low energy loads on Unity Homes which allow for smaller, simpler, energy-sipping HVAC systems that demand little of your personal resources — a dividend you can actually take to the bank.

Healthy for the Planet

We build homes that we expect to still be serving occupants many generations from now. Construction and performance have been optimized to minimize their impact on the environment. Through their precise off-site fabrication, state-of-the-art energy efficiency, adaptable and flexible Open-Built® systems, Unity seeks to encompass the broadest possible meaning of "sustainability."

  • Off-site Fabrication/On-site construction: By precision building the key elements of your home indoors under controlled conditions, and then rapidly raising them on your land, we achieve what has otherwise been difficult in conventional home construction: higher quality and much faster build time, paralleled with little waste and minimal disruption to the home site.
  • Top-level; State-of-the-art energy efficiency: With super-insulated R-35 OBPlusWall systems, triple paned windows, tight sealing practices, and sophisticated HVAC systems, the minuscule energy requirements mean minuscule pollution and the possibility of fossil-fuel free living, with net zero energy cost.
  • Flexible and adaptable design: Easily accessible mechanical and finish systems allow your home to adapt simply and inexpensively to your family's growing needs as well as to changing technologies. This, in turn, helps to ensure your home will remain functionally up to date, not just the day you move in, but long into the future — arguably the ultimate measure of sustainability.