Energy efficiency

A Home should be a Giver, not a Taker


You have better ways to spend your money than on inefficient homes. Over the past 35 years, we've developed homes that require so little energy to run and maintain, it will seem like a small miracle. Your Unity Home will pay you tangible dividends through reduced operating and maintenance costs. The longer you live in your Unity Home, the greater your savings will be.

Low Maintenance

With its robust structure, quality materials, sophisticated joining and sealing, and artisan workmanship, your home is designed to retain its beauty and value long into the future.

Energy Performance

It's hard to imagine a home that requires so little energy to heat and cool that conventional HVAC systems become unnecessary. Because of Unity's tight and highly insulated thermal envelope, your home will perform at a level that makes renewable energy sources a pragmatic option. In addition to their high R-values, Unity homes use high efficiency air source heat pumps and HRV systems that demand so little energy that they can run economically and efficiently off the electrical grid, or your own photovoltaic system, or both.