Comfortable Homes

Where Life Unfolds


Like beauty, comfort is defined differently according to what matters to you. In the end, there are certain aspects of comfort that come to the home with your personal styling and furniture. But there are other aspects that the home itself can deliver and they are part of the benefit of homes that meet a higher standard. However you define it, your comfort was a top-most consideration in the design and engineering of these homes.

When you're inside a Unity home you're in another world — your own. Its solid, robust construction instills a sense of confidence and security, reducing stress and improving emotional health. When there are storms of any sort, Unity homes will do what a home is supposed to do, which is to provide dependable, secure shelter, no matter what. And because of Unity's substantially thick, well-insulated walls, outdoor sounds remain outside — a silence that's music to the ears.


Superior insulation and sealing will offer draft-free comfort with extremely small temperature differentials, whether floor-to-ceiling, room-to-room, or floor-to-floor. So the little person playing on the floor downstairs will be as comfortable as the big person changing the bed linen upstairs.

No longer do you need to trade off comfort to save on energy costs. Extraordinary insulation, triple pane windows and tight sealing mean you'll stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer — thermal comfort delivered for very little cost and without fossil fuels.