Beautiful interiors

Large Comfort, Small Footprint

Beautiful By Design

A home thoughtfully conceived with you and your family in mind will be one that is in visual harmony with the environment and with the local vernacular. All of our homes can be adapted to your site and your preferences. Natural materials, sustainable finishes, and attention to light and space assure that your home will be a pleasure to live in and to look at.

The warmth of wood

Wood use in home interior

Wood is in our DNA. No other material is as inextricably linked to human needs and desires as wood. Indeed, the warmth and passion wood evokes can often overshadow its amazing structural properties. Both strong and flexible, wood is as functional as it is livable. And, in its endless variety, wood is the one renewable resource that renews and regenerates the senses every time we come home to it.

In Visual Harmony

For inspiration, nature has always been our guide. One only has to look out the window to know how natural materials and light affect living environments. Making unique choices for configuration, style, and finishes to best match your aesthetic sense and locale can be a joyous experience.

Architectural Relevance

The lengendary heirloom quality by our craftspeople and aesthetic by our architectural design team ensure that your home will stand the test of time


Open Built

When your family grows — or the kids leave the nest — or you need to make room for an aging parent — or you simply want to adapt to changing technologies, your home's Open-Built systems have already taken this into consideration, so that the inevitable life changes everyone faces won't break the bank.