Working together

Easy to Build. Hard to Leave.

Planning and Building with Unity

Living green has never been easier. Our staff of salespeople, designers, and craftspeople will help you at every stage of planning, budgeting, and building your home. Our design and construction systems have been refined over 40 years. And our project managers have supervised the construction of hundreds of houses. During the building process, our goal is to make everything as clear and as easy for you as possible. We can't say that building a home is relaxing, but we will take as much of the stress and worry off of your shoulders as we can.

Three Steps to Unity

Choose and Customize

Tradd, Xyla, Värm, and Zūm are foundations for your ideas. Pick a plan that is close to your needs and budget. Then, fill out the Contact Us form and we will start working with you to make the design uniquely yours. We'll probably ask you for a topographical map, site plan, photos, and the like. They'll help us visualize your home on your building site. If you're nearby, we'll try to schedule a time for you to visit us. If that isn't feasible, we'll arrange for some online meetings so we can collaborate on your design.

This is also a good time to review your local building requirements, as well as identify a lender, if applicable. We'll help guide you through the important construction preparation, permitting, and construction loan processes. Rely on us to make this simple. We've done it for hundreds of clients just like you.

Finishes and Refinement

There are a number of styles, finishes, and fixtures available from Unity. Using our Online collaboration tool, we'll help you keep track of the finishes you've chosen, your budget, and your schedule. Our project managers will be available to answer any questions. Once we receive your signed contract and deposit, we'll visit your site to stake out your home, ensuring that your house is optimally sited.


Our craftspeople will construct your home's components in our shops, while your site is prepped for construction. When the foundation is ready, we will ship your home's components to your site. A small crew and crane will assemble your house. Typically, the building is weathertight in 3-4 days, and can be move-in ready in as little as 30 days. (We're striving to improve this. Our goal is to have a home ready for habitation 20 working days from start of construction.)